Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Celebrating reading in Jaén

The teacher Sara Moreno Alberca sent us this pleasant news from the Province of Jaén:

The Open Library of the Pedagogical Superior Institute Víctor Andrés Belaunde began operating in the year 2016 through the Social Sciences speciality, following the experience of the Network of Rural Libraries, thanks to the initial donation of twenty five books with stories of the Cajamarcan culture, whose readings were incorporated into the development of curricular areas.

This year the gesture has been continued together with colleague Eduardo Cajandilay, of the speciality of Communication.

The librarian is student Laura Quiliche Gómez, who integrates into the speciality of Social Sciences. And I undertake the coordination.

The Network of Rural Libraries has made a second instalment of books, with which we feel privileged and very grateful.

The library works in the speciality classroom, has a bookshelf and books are borrowed out to home.”

How you encourage us, telling us of your journey!

Many more, more together, stronger!

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