Thursday, 27 July 2017

The dazzle of the Qayaqpuma

After enormous efforts - and more disappointment with people who offered to help and then pretended to misunderstand, our friend Francisco Vigo has managed to publish the photobook "Qayaqpuma".

Already, Pancho had taken his photographic exhibition to Lima, Arequipa, Cajamarca and Shangahi, but the idea of ​​the book did not cease.

Just a few weeks ago this book was born. On each page you can see the meticulous care that Pancho has given this edition. Our sincere congratulations go out to you for this excellent work.

Our brother Alfredo Mires wrote the presentation of the book, with the title "In the name of the son", and in it he says:

"... this intriguing perception of heritage is not an archaism, it is not an idolatry nor a Palaeolithic backwardness as some obtuse connoisseurs are determined to point out. The sense of affiliation with the earth is a superior state of human development, an overcoming of civilizing nonsense.

The overthrow of the Andean and primordial world - for now more than five hundred years - has not only meant genocide and ecocide, but also the blatant theft of memory and the looting of its repositories.

And the devastation does not cease: the majestic Apu Qayaqpuma - once venerated and extolled by the founding communities of culture - is not only threatened by extractive usury, but is permanently subject to dumping and disfigurement.

It's pure existence continues to summon us, it's pure fragility continues to call us."

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