Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Plants and remedies

In Cajamarca, May is the month of flowers. That is why the coordinators and healers of the Community Program meet every year at this time, bringing fresh plants from their homes for the preparation of medicine for children with projectable capacities.

Don Antonio tells us that once he was coming from San Isidro, on a bus, with his backpack full of plants. They stopped in the city of San Marcos to have lunch and Don Antonio left his backpack with the driver, asking him to take good care of it because something very valuable was inside.

Someone must have been listening to this comment because Don Antonio couldn't find his backpack when he returned from lunch. Surely the thief hoped to find money, jewellery or a good cell phone - things that for many are objects of much value. But for us, these plants are worth much more than material goods: they are the health and strength of our communities, they are the goodness of the earth - which ensures a healthy and happy life for all.

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