Sunday, 26 February 2017


The home of the Network of Rural Libraries has been built in minga, a form of community and voluntary work inherited from our ancestors.

There were many hands that kneaded the earth to form each wall, each space. Every corner has a story, an anecdote, a lively time of work, a lot of effort and commitment. Therefore, for us it is very important that every person who comes here learns to love and care for it as we do.

Alfredo, our brother who is also responsible for the production of materials, recently designed a very attractive diptych where he invites all our visitors to arrive well at this house, as a welcome.

This diptych is intended to make others aware of our points of view regarding the permanent need to keep our own and shared spaces clean and orderly, to care for the other people of nature who live here: the water, the plants, to take care of the services, to reduce waste and to learn to reuse and recycle that which we inevitably produce from our daily activities.

This new production of the Network is a very simple and clear way to greet those who come to stay with us, to make them feel that this house is also their home and that we all have the obligation to take care of it. And also to encourage effective public policies to care for and defend the environment everywhere.

This document is available in different versions, ready to be sent to those who request it.

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