Monday, 26 December 2016

We continue on the journey

In mid-December we had our General Assembly of the Network, a culmination of our organization to meet, evaluate, plan and encourage the spirit to continue walking.

New challenges arise: in a context of "very low reading" in the country and with a very high growth of shamelessness and corruption (especially among those who are paid to be at the service of the nation) communities continue in their search and effort not to succumb.

Many communities in the area of ​​the province of Celendín are requesting to have their rural library ... And from Pión - one day by bus and another on foot - came Don Jesus Quispe, who is even receiving chemotherapy treatment, animated to retake the libraries in his sector. Some of the participants had lost their crops and others had been greatly affected by the wildfires in the area ... but here they were.

Librarians, coordinators, readers and even the granddaughter of one of the villagers, participated in the Assembly, animating and encouraging us to continue on the journey.

How it intensifies this will and how it guides this journey!

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