Monday, 26 December 2016

Our way

In mid-November, the Community Program held its annual meeting of monitoring, evaluation and planning.

For many years this review process was accompanied by "specialist" members proposed by the entity that supports the work of the Community Program, but since this year it is again up to us to carry out this evaluation.

We worked hard and intensely during this meeting, but felt a very fraternal atmosphere. There was a lot of sincerity and openness to recognize our failures, a lot of willingness to improve and keep growing, a lot of closeness to support others, much affection to give even more in the work with children with projectable abilities, a lot of criticism and much desire to correct our mistakes.

The possibility of looking at each other with our own eyes, in our own way, also opened the doors to us to be more sincere and authentic. Thank you to all participants for this wonderful experience.

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