Sunday, 20 November 2016

We remember Ñaupa

The Community Program for the accompaniment of children with projectable capacities is conceived as a Community Based Rehabilitation program.

It means that we do not have a place for the care of these children, Nor staff on the payroll or  expensive equipment or infrastructure for rehabilitation.

Voluntary coordinators are drivers or multipliers of our proposal; The responsibility for the therapy, rehabilitation, integration, inclusion and improvement of the Juanitos - as we affectionately call children with disabilities - is always in the hands of the family and the community.

The main task of our coordinators is to visit the Juanitos in their homes, define - together with the family - the steps to follow and teach the family the exercises so that the children can find an improvement to their situation.

At the outset, this process is slow and very difficult, as families expect our coordinators - as in all other health and rehabilitation facilities - to take full charge of the therapies. It takes an average of one year until families understand and assume their leading role in this joint effort.

In the meantime, our coordinators have to ingeniously work to show the family that something can be achieved. One of the new attempts of the Community Program is to put a poster in each house with three very specific tasks for the family for a year.

For this, Alfredo Mires -creator of the Ñaupas- helped us with a great and inspiring design. Thank you, Alfredo. We are sure that the wonderful company of the Ñaupas will help the families and children of the Community Program a lot.

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