Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Among elves and shadows

A few nights ago our house was filled with lights, elves and shadows with the presentation of the book "El duende del laberinto" (The elf of the labyrinth), by our brother Alfredo Mires.

Organized as a Tinku (encounter), it began with a gathering and discussion about the work, with the participation of the author and interventions by professors Daniel Saenz and Marcial Abanto.

The interlude was an extraordinary staging of some stories from the book in shadow theater, under the direction of Lupe Sevillano Canals, from the artistic project LuArtica from Spain, along with Rumi and Mara Mires and Rita Mocker, members of the Network.

It was very pleasing to count on the contributions of the participants, thanks to which we shared at the end a rich and generous joijona (long blanket spread on the ground with the contributions of all and for all).

Lupe also sent us this kind comment:
"Taking part in the presentation of "El duende del laberinto" by Alfredo, has been a very pleasant experience. His stories speak softly in our ear so as to reverberate strongly within us.
I have to thank Rumi, Mara and Rita, who have helped me to make the stories in the book fly, giving free rein to the imagination, the body and, above all, hope.
I am conscious of the magical realism of living with the stories, their author and the family of Rural Libraries.

I measure wealth by the value of these meetings."

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