Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Our blog in French is back on its feet

We are pleased to announce the revival of our blog in French and, at the same time, welcome Julia Steiner into the family of volunteers of our Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca. Julia has already been working hard on the translations and now the blog in French is on its feet once again.

We heartily thank Maryse Tétreault who, as a volunteer, started the blog and worked with dedication on the previous translations.

With Julia we debated the new nomination and in the end we decided on La voie des bibliothèques rurales de Cajamarca”. Julia explained to us that "it is like ‘the way of the libraries of Cajamarca’. It is a play between ‘the road’ and ‘the spiritual path’, and with the sound (because the word "voice" in French is pronounced "voix" and has the same sound)”.

The resurrected La Voie des Bibliothèques Rurales de Cajamarca will continue at the following address: http://redbibliotecasfrances.blogspot.pe/

We would be very grateful if you could share it with your francophone friends.

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