Sunday, 11 September 2016

Here, Sarah’s Rural Library Fund

We feel close to, despite being far from, people who accompany us. So it makes us doubly happy having them here in person and in our own home.

Until a few days ago Helen Heery, Rachel Hardy and Simon Wheatley - founders and members of Sarah's Rural Library Fund - were here with us to share in the wonderings, expectations, plans and projects of our network.

We were also fortunate to count on the presence of Kate Heery and Marian Carty.

At all times we felt their desire to join us on the path we are on, and they also made us aware that the work of our Network of Rural Libraries enriches their lives and their jobs.

With much zest and enthusiasm they visited the libraries of some communities in Cajamarca, San Marcos and Cajabamba. They also accompanied us at the meeting of the Encyclopedia Campesina and the meeting of the Community Programme.

How strong a connection we have felt with these brothers and sisters of ours!

For us, their visit is a huge boost to continue with what we have and to undertake new challenges.

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