Monday, 8 August 2016

We miss “Ñaupa”

There’s no shortage of cats that cross our roof, passing through the neighborhood.

But one came to stay: he came down who knows how and we found him already installed, as if he owned the place.

Still tender, loving and trusting, he came to integrate himself: no owner came to claim him, so a few days later he was baptized with the name "Ñaupa".

He took no time to fatten up as he spent the day having breakfast, going from office to office, from room to room, participating in meetings, arriving timely for coffee breaks or communal meals.

But he also read (or so he made us believe): living among books, presumably, he had no choice.

A few days ago he went for a turnabout and has not returned.
We are worried about him. He is a member of the team.

If you see him, please tell him that we are missing him.


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