Thursday, 11 August 2016

Heart Links

A few weeks ago our house received with joy the visit of a group of friends from Heart Links, a Canadian organization that supports some of the efforts of the Rural Libraries.

During this visit we had the opportunity to talk and learn about the work we do at an organizational level and to listen and inform ourselves about the context of our respective countrie;, because only then will we understand the Why of our communal  journey.

However Sheila Horrell, Linda Lustins, Susan Price, Mara Horrell and Shannon Theriault, not only got to know some of our work in the countryside, they also participated as ‘mingueras’ (volunteers in community) in the preparation of books for our Rural Libraries - placing stamps and pasting the recommendations paper. These tasks, in fact, are simple and easy to perform, but when it comes to one or two thousand copies, or even more, the task becomes a bit heavy. However, when we are in a group, between laughter and coffee, this and other activities are even fun.

We recognize the efforts of this group of friends to share and learn about our country and culture.

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