Thursday, 2 June 2016

Máxima visits us

In the community of Bibliotecas Rurales (Rural Libraries) we were pleased to welcome, in our house, Maxima Acuña, Cajamarcan farmer and rights defender, to share our table and our conversation.

On April 29, as part of the encounter of the Campesina Encyclopedia Project and our Assembly, coordinators and volunteers of the network shared our experiences with Maxima, and she with us. Máxima and her family have endured for five years the physical, psychological and judicial abuse, because they refused to sell their land in an area of ​​mining destruction. Máxima has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her dignified resistance.

The family of our network showed our affection and respect for Máxima’s struggle in defense of the land and the sacred lakes. Máxima, in turn, praised the integrants of Bibliotecas Rurales for their 45 year struggle of trying to build a better tomorrow, using the book as a tool of liberation in the face of an oppressive and imposed system.

We reflected that both struggles are one and the same: to defend what is ours, our culture, our Mother Earth, to keep alive the wisdom of our ancestors so that our children can build a future full of joy and fulfillment in community.

Máxima thanked us for sharing our books with her and her family, for the fraternal embrace, and for sharing our lives.

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