Thursday 28 April 2016

Our Tools

“We exhibit a great range of our tools in the countryside, which represent work, which allow us to work our lands for the multiplication of lives and the primordial subsistence in all aspects... the work that we display is the collective effort of many of our brothers and sisters from different provinces, those that work at the centre of the Network of Libraries.” 
 - José Humberto Velarde Chávez, member of the community of Agomarca

Farmers: Based on the identity and dignity of the Andean populations, in whom persists the harmonious equilibrium of existence and the assurance of life through the daily work in the fields.  The rhythm of our accompaniment is fixed to the rhythm of the agricultural cycles.

Community members: The focal point, the generator and multiplier of life and health of all people.  This implies belief and faith in the sacredness of the earth and the cosmos.  To assert this sense of community, of being part of the whole, requires the invigoration of the memory of the community: to rescue the sense of being, what we always were and are.

Volunteers: The root participants of this process do not respond to circumstantial or economic stimuli, but transcend them.  It is the will to ensure the health and well being of others, to support and reciprocate.

Witnesses: To walk. This implies giving testimony to the journeys and knowledge shared.  For this reason the book is used as a tool and focal instrument of work, an assimilated cooking pot of learning and multiplier of knowledge from all communities.

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