Thursday, 11 October 2018

A pleasant visit

Maurizio is a four-year-old boy who visited us a few weeks ago to learn about our Network's premises.

As part of the homework that he has to begin at an early age, he had to go to a library and see how the books are organized; For this reason, his family got in touch with us and, that same afternoon, Maurizio was received at our central base.

His presence encouraged us a lot, not only because he is interested in knowing more about the world of books, but also because of his interest in learning how books are prepared from our Exchange Center to the communities.

Encouraged by our sister Nathalia, Maurizio reviewed the stories and even placed stamps on some copies. Very good, Maurizio volunteer!

This pleasant visit also encourages us to maintain hope: in our country we can all do things better if we encourage the little ones to read and become familiar with reading as early as possible.

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